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How To Shift Your Reality?

Shifting reality?? Is reality shifting real? Does it sound like some sci-fi subject to you? A much more sober question would be, can we change our reality? Can we change the experience of life?

Oh! Hell yes…

It is possible.

But, what does it mean by shifting reality?

It means changing the reality around you by changing your perspective about life. From my own life, I have seen how life could change, just by changing our perspective.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss and unravel the mysteries behind reality and how this can change anytime if we decide to do so.


Caution: Read slowly one sentence at a time, just don’t believe me blindly, try to understand the subject by using your own experience.

Before I dish out all the tasty methods of shifting reality, we need to understand the concept of reality. No question can get as fascinating as this one. what is reality? who creates reality? these are big questions. let me give my perspective on this.

Before that,

let me quickly list out the most effective methods or reality shifting exercises for you, I will elaborate on them later one by one.

So, how to shift your reality fast?

  1. Identify who you are and what you want?
  2. Set your life’s purpose
  3. Learn to empty your mind so that you can take new mental programs
  4. Use Affirmations frequently
  5. Use the power Imagination and Creative Visualization
  6. Use the Power of Self-talk
  7. Mirror meditation
  8. Use positive images and statements

These powerful methods, if followed diligently, will change your mental code and reprogram your mind.

Want to shift your reality real quick? 
What is reality?

The subject of reality is one of the most complicated, unknown subject of all time, and we should not even dare to venture into that pitfall, because all that you will find is questions and no answers. Let’s keep it simple here…

Reality is an illusion, the reality is what u see, and it’s not constant, it changes as you change your own thoughts and perspective about life.

It’s just the way you see things, and how you see things depends on who you are. Who you are is decided by what belief system you have got within you?

It’s like a filter…

We all have got filters within us, our judgments, our likes or dislikes, our choice of colors, dressing Sense, type of music or stories we like, all encoded in our belief system…

You can refer to this belief system as a subconscious program or mental code…

This belief system is the basis of how we live, see the world, that’s what is responsible to shape our perspective. throughout our life we are driven by this belief system, unconsciously, thinking this as our reality, our fate, something that’s unchangeable.

How do we acquire this belief system? Read this amazing article her

But, it’s changeable…

It’s like wearing sunglasses, if you put on red sunglasses, the world will appear red, if you just change the sunglass to a blue one, immediately the color of the world will change to blue…

Similarly, if we change our thought patterns, the reality will change too. What you need to understand is that reality is not an object, it’s an experience, and how you experience life depends on how you think, behave, act or react.

You see it’s all in your hand…

It’s the force within you which determines the experience…

If you have a filter of judgment in you, you will be always judgmental about everything. If u have a filter of selfishness, then u will see everyone as selfish.

At the same time, if you have a filter of hope, if your belief system is filled with prosperity and abundance, then you will always find that in the external world.

That’s why reality is relative to someone’s experience. Everyone is different from each other, that’s because each of us carries different belief systems…and so every one of us has a different way of looking at things…

Existence is the same for all of us, but it’s the sunglasses each of us is wearing, is what is making the world appear differently…

So, changing our perspective just like the sunglass can change our reality…

What is the process?

How to change our perspective? How to switch realities??

Most importantly, is it easy? Or how difficult it is?

Again, whether something is easy or difficult, depends on you. Ask yourself if you want to continue suffering, or you want to change your life for a better one.

If your priority is to change, if that’s important, if you have a strong desire to change, then it will appear easy to you, otherwise, it will be difficult.

In the below section, I am going to give you 6 amazing methods to change your reality by changing how you think…

No 1: Identify who you are and what you want?

To change the outer world, you need to change from within. Cause the outer world is a reaction to what u feel from inside…

How to find out who you are?

The first step towards that change starts from knowing yourself. knowing yourself includes 3 most important steps, who you are, what reality you are in now and what you want in the future.

Get a pen and paper, find a calm, quiet and comfortable place, and start asking yourself the following questions…

  • – What type of person you are?
  • – What are your likes and dislikes, and why do you like or dislike a certain thing or a person?
  • – What’s your mental structure?? do u get angry often, then ask why? do u get depressed often?  If so, then ask why?


Keep asking why, why and why? Don’t hurry up, it’s very important to go deep, go back and map your life to early life events, if possible, connect your childhood too…

Find out the reasons behind whatever your life situation you are in…

Once you know what you are, then go to 2nd step…

No 2. The most important step is to figure out life’s purpose:

How to find life’s purpose?

Similar steps…

Once you know who you are, with absolute clarity, it becomes easy to find what you want to be.

There might be multiple goals depending on your life situations, your inner desire and love for something, short term, long term and an absolute one which will determine who you are, it will be your self-expression…

Follow the writing exercise, figure out what is it that you want, what should be the course of your life? What you will like to do? What suits you best?

Once you have figured out the purpose of life, now go to the other steps, which will work on changing your perspective, in simple terms your mental code.

Steps to shift your reality

No 3. Change Your mental code:

Below are the 6 amazing methods which will change your mental code and establish a new neuronal connection in your brain with new beliefs.

– Learn to silence your mind:

This is the most important step before you begin to reprogram your mind, learn to silence the mind. Pouring new thoughts become easy once your mind is empty, your brain is incredibly receptive at that moment.

Re-wiring your brain becomes incredibly easy.

Meditation is the best tool to do so.  For meditation, you can find either a teacher or you can find a great one online too. Otherwise, mindfulness (What is mindfulness?) exercise will also work wonder.

– Affirmations:

Read, write and speak them. use positive affirmations to boost your confidence, continuous use can even rewire your brain.

Positive affirmations if repeated continuously can have powerful impacts on your brain. Human biochemistry is the slave of our thoughts, it’s like a mirror, it reflects exactly what you think.

Any idea that you conceive in the mind will have reciprocal feedback from your biochemistry. If you have a depressive thought in your mind, your body will slow down, your mind will be cluttered, and you will lose the ability to think anything clearly.

Similarly, if you are happy, your body will respond differently. It will release a large quantity of serotonin, serotonin has an extraordinary healing effect on your brain and body.

– Imagination and Creative Visualization:

Use the power of your imagination and see yourself already having all those that you desire. Find a comfortable and quiet place, be seated and start visualizing.

Use detail mental imagery and see each detail in your imagination vividly and clearly, as much as detailed possible.

Creative visualization is a powerful exercise due to the very nature of the human mind and the special power it possesses, called imagination.

– Power of Self-talk:

Think you have already achieved it. Now visualize yourself standing a giving a speech in a gathering, to a group of people, about how you achieved it, what are the actions you took to be wherever you are today.

Imagine yourself giving a speech in a TED talk show. Imagine yourself bursting out in motivation and satisfaction, while you are talking. Talk about your struggle, your fight, how many times you thought of giving up but still you persisted, you never left it.

Imagining yourself in the future as a successful being activates similar biochemistry within you, it focuses all your energy towards the future you, suddenly there is a rush of joy and inspiration, that “I can do” attitude.

So, do it regularly, this new belief of “I can do” will re-wire your brain and create a new mental program of confidence and worthiness.


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